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FreeFaucet.IO drives a highly interested cryptocurrency audiece through multiple advert and faucet formats

Audience Demographics

Top 7 Countries By Audience Percentage
Rank Country Audience
1 United States 18.03%
2 Brazil 9.93%
3 Australia 8.09%
4 India 5.51%
5 Indonesia 3.68%
6 Germany 3.68%
7 Turkey 3.68%

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Your personal advertising campaign manager will guide you through choosing the most effective advert formats for the best value, and organise your campaign as soon as possible. Speak to your advertising campaign manager now.

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$6000 USD - 1 month banner ad takeover typical results ✝

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$1750 USD - 1 week banner ad takeover typical results *

Avg. Banner Impressions Avg. Clicks Avg. User Acquisition




✝ * Campaign impressions, clicks and subsequent registrations cannot be guaranteed, and are based solely on the performance of previous campaigns. Future campaigns will be subject to future circumstances. FreeFaucet.IO does not make any guarantees on the performance of future campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Setting up a cryptocurrency advertising campaign on FreeFaucet.IO is quick and easy. You can set up a same-day advertising campaign using our PTC faucets self-serve system. PTC (Pay to Click) faucets expose your website to our verified audience for a minimum time period before rewarding them in cryptocurrency. You can create one here
Get started by creating a FreeFaucet.IO account or logging in, then heading to the My Campaigns page. Once there, you can choose from the available ad formats. Alternatively you can email our sales team and your personal advertising campaign manager will help you organise the most effective campaign for your project.
Cryptocurrency advertising campaigns on FreeFaucet.IO start from as little as $5.
We accept payments in all popular cryptocurrencies, or by bank transfer.